Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Hey guys! Guess what I did! Okay, so this is a painting of a watch. And it is watching you. Because it's a WATCH. Get it? Okay, here's what happened!
 So, I was brainstorming with my friends about this project, and we were trying to come up with ideas for appropriation. One of them was wearing a watch, and I was like "A WATCH WATCHING!" I was going to do a wristwatch with a face where the face of the watch was, but even though it would have worked, it would not have gotten the watch part across successfully. So I did this. It came to me as an original idea, but after looking at the final, it reminds me of Mad-eye Moody's eye.
 It was also weird for me because I rarely ever paint, and if I do, it includes no detail or texture. So this was a challenge. I used a sponge (which I've never used in paintings before) to give the watch band texture. Also, the iris is really cool to touch, because I used a lot of paint gradually built up to get the right colors, so it's all bumpy.

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