Friday, January 17, 2014

Tutorial: wrinkles and watercolor

Start out with a picture of someone who has wrinkles. It works on younger people too, just not as well.
This was my starting picture. Okay, now on to the actual steps.

 Open your picture in photoshop.
 Okay, go to the little black and white circle at the bottom right, and select the black and white option.
 Okay, now that you've done that, you will have another black and white overlaying layer.
 Now, change the layer mode to "overlay" about halfway up.
This is what it should look like now.
 STEP 5:
Go to Filter>Artistic>Plastic wrap.
Your settings should be all the way up in all three areas. Then click okay.
Change this layer to Multiply, like you did before with the overlay.
This is now what it should look like.
Now, click the little drop down box in the upper right hand corner of the layers box. Flatten Image.

Duplicate the image by right clicking on the layer. Do this 3 times, so you have 4 of the same image. Click the little eye on the left side of the top two. This makes those two invisible.
Make sure you are on the top visible layer, so the second from the bottom. Then go to Filter>Artistic>Cutout.
STEP 10:
Your settings should be at 4, 4, 2, respectively. Click okay.
STEP 11:
Change this layer to luminosity.
STEP 12:
Now make the third layer visible and select it. Then go to Filter>Artistic>Drybrush and turn all of the settings all the way up.
STEP 13:
Change the setting to Screen.
STEP 14:


Friday, January 3, 2014

Wrinkles in Watercolor

So this was another version of the wrinkled picture I did yesterday, but I used photoshop to make this look like a watercolor or a painting. It didn't take very long, but I liked it a lot. A really cool effect I'll probably be using a lot.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Wrinkles are Beautiful

This was a very quick Photoshop deal to dramatize the effects of wrinkles that is pretty popular among photographers these days. The photo is not mine, I just got it off of Google. I will say this, however. As a younger female with no wrinkles, I see how they have effected the faces and hands of the older women around me. I find them astonishingly beautiful. Wrinkles in today's society have been turned into something undesirable, something ugly. But wrinkles mean you have been around long enough to be effected by life in a way that physically changes you. Like gray hair, wrinkles mean beauty, age, and wisdom that only comes from a long life. So ladies, know you are beautiful at all ages.