Monday, April 7, 2014

time project

So the piece of art here is not the final project, but the video. Okay, so taking a video of myself doing art is not very original, but I think the piece I made is. This is kind of a design I always do when I'm doodling, or don't know what else to draw, so this time, I cleaned it up a bit for your enjoyment!


The reason I like this particular design so much, so consistently, is maybe because it is free, beautiful, unlimited, but at the same time, exactly what it is supposed to be. I like to think that is how I am, or at least how I want to be! We all have dreams, right? Well, I actually kind of had to plan ahead with this piece. Not a lot, I didn't know where each pattern or outline would be, and I didn't know what colors I would use. Not until I actually got to that point in the piece. But I did have to figure out the different kinds of patterns I would use. There are only a few, and it only took a few minutes, but it's a lot more forethought than I usually put into art.